A small team with big ideas.

DIROTECH™, a leading digital marketing company, was founded in 2015 with its co-founders Rohit Dutt and Dinesh Chandra Tripathi. We found the big gap between the market demand and supply for digital marketing services, and we found that people want to promote their product or services but it should be very cost-effective like traditional ones. But high charge and low ROI affected the consumer experience. We found that we can help them with our cost effective approach and core expertise in digital marketing. Our object was to provide digital marketing services to everyone at very affordable price and at the same time giving them the value in terms of traffic gain, conversions and sales.

With this tremendous vision, we established an innovative digital marketing company in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and started our journey with limited resources but high ambitions. We work with MSMEs to improve their customer experience and sales. We helped many MSME especially in Covid 19 Lockdown. We provided them free advice and make sure they don’t get upset during the hard days. Now, that work paid well and we have decent numbers of MSMEs who became our clients because of our services.

It’s been 2021, and still we are forwarding with big dreams in our eyes. We have a solid team of SEOs, Designers, Content Writers and Web Developers to make sure we fill the market gap with cost effective services. So, We have both inhouse and remote team so that we don’t stop working and provide our services continuously. If you want to become the part of our family, tell us what value you can add? send your cv to hr@dirotech.org in duly manner.

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